Argentina soccer international, 1901-1986

Every team in Europe until 1928 did not play Argentina despite the close relationship, and Europe. This part first world war and its aftermath, military and is Atlantic South American countries for issues (cost of) boats. But in the Copa América, held in 1916 ' has failed to lift the trophy and 14 first Argentina and one was created to fight the lchosgdla competition in 1921, when has won.

Is Europe against Argentina travel Argentina's first fixture in 1928 as part of the true self Portugal in 0-returns the silver medal, and in reach after graduation, Olympics, Argentina national team's last home when in a game held at 0:.

For the first time, was held in Uruguay World Cup in 1930. Wall Street last year, and several European countries Olympic finals ( Uruguay 4 Argentina lost early, 2 2 1 ) in of backup was many years ago.

Rejected Argentina's professional League is to allow it as a 1934 so long the players was the teams don't want to lose the other players in the World Cup's long trip from Europe with Argentina, good performance, good surprised the 3 goals to 2 beats the Sweden side, though.

Front of another at the same time they will move the Copa America Cup to transfer, long Argentina 1937 won the fifth recruit.

Host World Cup in France (a European host country second row), the third lost bid to take part in competition in Brazil in 1949 after violent conflict prevailed in the match Argentina 2-0 and Brazil petulantly 20 years, including the World Cup happened after 1950 Argentina denied.

Calender of international football world Second World War suspended Copa America Argentina 1941, while in 1945 continued in 1946, 1955, 1957, 1947.

Sweden won the Argentina World Cup 1958 Copa-America tour strong side, was last year. But the best hope for Argentina's first game with its second win 6-means that underperformed despite losing dreams after hammering, Czechoslovakia, 1, lifting their first World Cup peace.

Beirut was in 1959's last Home World Cup 1991.1962 Cup Chile South America Argentina another disappointment.

1966 Tournament in England, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Switzerland and England 0 1 drawing the hosts after beating Germany, Kreitlein, losing a couple of controversial judges ' decision.

Also failed 1970s qualified hits in Argentina Mexico w World Cup disaster.

Germany in 1974 and Argentina, was the infamous "total football" Netherlands team beaten 4-0.

Talented young Diego Armando Maradona remains Menotti was the Argentina 1978 World Cup made the second team, a new coach, but decided to run more public criticism.

Hungary, France, first and second home side 2-1 won the game controversial before the second leg. Italy I think Moser often beat Peru 6-0, Peru (after visiting Lima, Argentina's dictators after) his second goalkeeper, Ramon Quiroga 1 Peru Argentina today lost its third match (0-1) to start the rigging and became a citizen.

Despite the possible referee bias in blanched final Argentina, Netherlands 3-1 and Sergio Gonella than of Italy retired this time, arguing that following criticism after the game. Regardless, won Argentina's first World Cup.

This time, expect good performance in Spain 1982 w Cup after earlier months many classes was שמראדונה lead Menotti. Although Argentina 0-1, Camp Nou despite an unfortunate fantasy start, Argentina will lose in the first game against Belgium. Trucks and 4-1 in the second game and Hungary Italy yourself too quickly at a loss and then Brazil to conquer. He sends home to lead the Argentina game. AfA is soon replaced by the biliardo, Menetti coach you chose.

Contemporary team defense Biliardo 3 one of the player's new strategic approach remains between the people's defense and goalkeeper enjoy more freedom of action, broom-like df line looked at playing now. We need to continue, prefer the adoption of lshhkastrtgia differs from the rules.

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