Your brain plays football.

Has strong technical force, mental abilities, good players in addition to psycho-motor skills development, such as the implicit perception of orientation (ability to see ahead), attention skills, clusters, meaning space, processing speed (input output), the flow of information.

To illustrate the problem, version Hernandez, contact our performance at little-ball, others are insertion point-of-care information:

A. to determine the direction of the open space, go with it.
B. ball in front of him.
C. move the balloon its courses.
(D) to see the ball out of half of its progress, which we are moving during points, watch the intensity of the moment.
A. 1 ball (quick absorption Store) while you take a look at the evaluation of the potential of the movement and its surroundings.
F. open space Sign, friends, led by shift the ball with precision.

Now to figure out that we publish statements and interviews: "when he came to Barcelona, like how to teach a baby, everything first.

For free, says simply put the truth of brain training or brain functions and of administrative and physical burden.

His "hand" brain "(Psychiater-Mnoiro-von-Samurai (Werbung, 2005) Faculty of medicine, Dr. John Ratey Harvard athletes console focused on influencing ideas.)"

"Imagine, what happens to your brain, you will come to a decision. Information about the various functions: facts, opinions, ideas, memories, predict the results. Why organize the results of the test, notes for a few minutes. Based on neural networks organized behavior of these sequences follow up processes of care guidance and analysis of the function of the natural steps of this process. «It shows again: "a * is the brains reorganise cognitive functions of timing and synchronizing by organization of timing sequence of equal"»

These ideas are a player with psycho-physical training and effective. In other words: is there training, football player to improve his physical strength, technique, it is possible, you can decide to chess, better coordination of services artists Hellos, known for it, then this is the case, why only this time training us?

Potential talent

Players with great talent, the questions, Johan Cruyff, Maradona, Messi, psycho-motor should be very rare. The unique character is the ability to think Jay, who has decided to move on. Eyal Berkowitz, for example, take that negative effect on game play (i.e., process data from) the distance is good, these players pass their own quality, constant movement is movement. The difference between an actor can this kind of skills, because they are very good players, good players, sometimes genius.

Says can not your talent, teach, coach, ... No.

"Valikoiim" football players are prone to heart (cut), the lack of attention to talented, maybe some moments can make a mistake. Motivation alone or it will probably pain, training trainers. We are talking about neural model of player have almost no effect. The first step to solving the problem is a State of consciousness, awareness, "disconnect" the second phase is just training advice/disorder. Effect of concentration is required to keep football player ™ the mental effort invested, during the game.

Physical violence significantly affect this issue, if we believe that the players have enough stamina, mental fatigue is at times. When you start the player disappear completely from the second half of the field in the first half, it can be attributed to physical strength is not always. Allows the player to reduce the formation of psycho-physical.

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