What is football game?

Playing football is the most famous and most popular sports in the world. It's wonderful, played by two teams of Eleven members. These players acted in a field named "football field" with a team of net or gate on the opposite side. Ten players running around to confirm and enter the ball despite the current teammates, goalkeeper for their network team as shields. Basic certified instruction, balls to shoot at the goal or NET team score to compete. The game normally serves complete Ninety minutes, scoring with the team, which most declared the winner. 

In cases where multiple teams scoreless Ninty minutes end of repair allow some conventions to take "sanctions", in which the player, are both teams line up in front of the team, they want to "punishment" on the cover. The team which scored the shootout wins the game of soccer as Das Spass. Game, meaning "kick the ball" has more than a hundred for a long time. A lot of games before the word for different game consists of playing football people know today. Like soccer in China in the 3rd century or second skin applied, kicking a small network of bamboo is taken. The game is also played by Kemaris in Japan. This version of Japan you can play non-competitive, to approve only the ball to each other because that touch him not.

Today, football is a global  is controlled by FIFA. Many countries around the world have a League game of soccer clubs, the sport's international rules. Every four years, FIFA hosted the greatest prize in football "World Cup". Tournaments following this from many countries on all continents in football supremacy.


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