A brief history of the World Cup

Engines competition four years after FIFA (International Football Federation) against each other to determine the best teams of the World Cup champion team the world has ever come to appear. Intense competition, and will play in the qualifying round of the three-32 the last World Cup. This is the tip of the international football tournament in different places just year Fan 4 results. With national pride at stake here are the adjustments look nice, at General, very intense. The first days

First, Uruguay World Cup team, which in the 1930 's to compete with North America, held in South America or in Europe. World Cup, before the team enough for war, fight and four years may make international tournament. Travel with the team to go to see that their nation has dampened the enthusiasm of fans to visit logistics, Europe, South America and many revolutionary war skirmishes. This led to the outbreak of the second world war from 1942 to 1946.

How to grow the tournament.
After the second world war, football was more popular World Cup. Tournaments in Europe, South America, usually in competition in North America and Africa were dominated by the flip command. The Institute, plus team, 1982 enlarged many outside Europe and South America were to take part in the tournament, are part of the 32 teams, is allowed. Because often hit the expansion, many teams from around the world. Propaganda, additional events that are popular all over his body, which grew exponentially in the world, they are a lot of successful experience, is a small country.

What special Brazil
Brazil is the only country in 1930, all those involved in the World Cup. Some of the most famous games played until now the best in the field often, Yi-Brazil team, he took a picture. Sell the team, "Maracanazo" today continue to adapt Brazil Uruguay 1930, hit in the game. This allows for Brazil, Italy won four times in a narrow channel, the team has won five times.

World Cup 2010
The tournament will be in the summer in Cape Town, South Africa hosts the World Cup. A judge condemned the arms build-up matches in the competition this year is stretched. National tournaments leading authorities some intense games rival. The structure of the building fits in Cape Town, down the road and the new road, at the beginning of the expected audience. The world of radio and television is the name of every tournament game in almost all countries it is diffused, the best in the world for four years, exactly where are visible the soccer fans.

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