The best players in world football

Soccer world players of the sport have done anyone know? Same under find a nun in many people's minds for soccer players and legendary Mach Geworden, countries and your heart Club soccer players around. In a world where belonging to the world's top 10.

-Two-goal against England is becoming popular in the quarterfinals he is Diego Armando Maradona, the 1986 Cup match. Choose Fragwurdig, selecting the best player Maradona. He was also the only actors' contract sets a record two times, the world. Ball and scoring chance control Diego Armando is well known his ability.

Soon  prodigy - prodigy start - Santos, New York, on 16, crack for integration of Brazil, breasts and her age, Torschutzenkonig League, caps 36 29 went to soccer games. When peeled war is the youngest winner of the World Cup still 17 years old.

He Netherlands 1974 Johan Cruyff ( and Johan Cruyff Hendrikus ) of being the player-has the ability to dribble the ball. Cruyff is a very fast football, Gaynor war Netherlands 9 times. Further AJAX, is the European team player in 1999 in the European Cup three times much.

-Franz Beckenbauer, chest called nicknamed the 'Emperor', the same mid-1970s war victory of Bayern Munich and Cup team feud. In 1974, he was Capitan of Arezzo in Germany.
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Madrid presentation Cup awarded - Alfredo DI Stefano - Oh two times European 5 real years. In addition to the Alfredo DI Stéfano Maach domestic victory in 1956 - 1960 some Cup Championship.

-Ferenc Puskas Stadium he was Hungary's national team at the beginning of the 1950's a great player. You Olympic gold mesh Helsinki 1952, Switzerland Switzerland's World Cup game.

-Garrincha - Eingeschuchtert, more speed faster and faster around the world into war and scattered. The 1962 Brazil national team was introduced.

Zinedine Zidane - this war three times FIFA player 1998 Zinedine war best of players one of the past 10 years, he was also runner-up 2006 World Cup 1998, Gaynor was.

-Ronaldo - Brazil soccer and he was known as the best player in football. Smart match World Cup scoring in 2006 he will be the goal record in the World Championships.

He matches 1962 against Real Madrid tore Europe Eusebio, the last two cups. Eusebio 733 partition 745 games total scores in his career.

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