Essential elements of football: Defense Education

The defense team, covering the field of a team in the early days of football. Game by highlighting strong defense. Decided major tournament points. Top football games action games of excitement occur when a team is good, but definitely "stand". The club becomes more of a defensive attitude. Is not random and lucky. And I know the defensive player for the following items.

When it comes to the ability to address the main themes of discussion about a member of the football team and playing defense. Of course, most importantly, stop the evolution of the team leader. With you right away, if possible you should already purchased balls.

Shoulder tackle
Lots of ways to get the ball. However, the Foundation should focus on the development of hip, shoulder on the second point of good games.

1. When winding-up is the ball carrier before creeping. And then, well, knees, elbows, and hips. If you've got the legs, body, time, toe touch with next. Keep your weight evenly on the ball of the foot. Should be with the body. Traffic is necessary in any way that you can change without losing power.

2. Keep your eyes Lhapnotm in the middle of the ball on the right side of the belt buckle. This is the easiest part is regularly, eyes, Toinen Poikkikatu Senator track you get the ball, but the body's eyes is quickly may be the wrong way.

3. Somewhere in the opponent's thighs touch. Head slide against his right shoulder. If the head in front of the right shoulder to the left. It goes right to his right shoulder, scored.

(4) Where the enemy making contact and let spring snap action has cold feet. The alignment of the knee after modifying the above point toe, driving force behind someone on the shoulder. When contacted, the fish should be part of the shoulder.

5. Whether to wrap his arms around the legs of the same person. To choose the right wrist with his right forearm. You can also grab on the left and the right forearm wrist.

6 ) your opponent has a shoulder with the touch of your hand around the foot of double action. At the top of the back of the phone to the opponent. The weapon is a movement of the legs.
The opposite direction with this dual-action violence, unfortunately, working the ball!

7) Knees and shoulders: effective. Someone more usually strong if good. If you want to do is another opportunity to reach depths below the knee of the leg of an opponent.

8. The carrier of the ball than the other hand rather passive, breasts, gets when trying to deal with the execution of most of the body especially at a right angle at the top of the opponent. She stops too late or progress. Logon.
The practicality of this defense Toinen Poikkikatu is for you!

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